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Semen Pills - What doctors think.

doctors recommending sperm pillsBecause of their effectiveness, semen supplements have gained wide acceptance from the medical community. Doctors, naturopaths, and nutritionists have all given their approval for semen pills, due to their proven safety and the impressive results they provide.

Aside from increasing semen production, improving orgasm strength, and many other positive effects on sexual libido and performance, semen volume pills have proven to have positive effects on overall health, sexual enjoyment,  and relationship satisfaction. Semenax and Volumaxx are both recommended and endorsed by several doctors and naturopaths.

In a survey of women whose partners used Semenax for at least 3 months, researchers were surprised by the increase in sexual satisfaction and enjoyment reported by the women, as a result of their partners improved performance.

Women whose partners used Semenax Pills (1857 Respondents)
  • 88% rated their sexual satisfaction as higher
  • 79% said their partner lasted longer during sex
  • 91% admitted being turned on by his bigger semen load
  • 83% were happier with their relationship

Results show increased sexual satisfaction for men AND women, when taking semen supplements as directed for a minimum of 12 weeks. Researchers concluded that the benefits of semen volume capsules are far greater than just the increase in semen volume.

Semen & Sperm Pills - Doctor Testimonial

Doctor Testimonial for Volume Pills
couple experiencing better sex "The SemenaxT formula is unique, and designed to facilitate increased ejaculations of semen. My patients report their sexual self-confidence to be higher than ever as a result of taking Semenax Pills.

In addition, further psychological sexual research shows that most women subconsciously desire a man who has the ability to produce large ejaculations of semen, which is associated with a woman's innate desire to reproduce. As Semenax can increase the volume of semen produced, subconsciously this can make the user of the pills more attractive and sexually fulfilling.

Semenax is effective and easy to use which, in my professional opinion, can help you and your partner enjoy the many benefits that optimum sexual performance can bring".

doctors recommending sperm pills

Dr. Michael A. Carter, Psy.D. RCP Doctor of Clinical Psychology.

Doctor Testimonial for Semenax

As you can see, the dramatic results possible with Semenax semen volume pills has won the approval of doctors and other medical professionals. Even doctors are now forced to  acknowledge what porn stars have known for years - that semen volume pills really work!

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