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semenax bottleSemenax capsules have been around for over 9 years now, and are one of the first and 'original' medically formulated supplements to increase semen volume, with Volume Pills entering the market a few months later.

Semenax is made by Albion Medical, whose VigRX capsules essentially launched the male enhancement industry when they hit the market almost a decade ago. Semenax has proven to be as successful as VigRX, as the demand for this type of sexual enhancer has proven to be huge. Semenax was one of the first products to combine several semen producing vitamins and minerals into one effective formula to dramatically stimulate semen production and allow men to shoot bigger, thicker loads of semen.

Semenax (and VigRX) are both used and endorsed by porn legend Ron Jeremy, which has certainly helped in sales of these products. Most people have seen firsthand how semen supplements have worked for adult film stars, and want those kinds of results for themselves. I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Jeremy at the InterNext convention in Las Vegas, and he told me even he was surprised at the dramatic effect that Semenax had on his semen load size and orgasm strength.

Ron says that although he had a pretty good semen load before, Semenax increased his semen production by about 300%. I know that as a spokesmen for these products he's supposed to say good things, but he stated he only agreed to endorse these products because they worked so incredibly well for him.

Semenax - Increased semen & stronger orgasms.

Review: Semenax Capsules

Semenax semen volume capsules

Semenax capsules have been available since late 2004 and are one of the top selling male enhancement products. Semenax capsules contain 17 ingredients to increase semen production, intensify orgasms, and produce powerful ejaculations.

Semenax also contains ingredients known to help with erectile function and increase blood flow to the genitals. Semenax users describe it as improving their overall 'sexual performance', in addition to increasing their semen and sperm production.


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Cost: $59.95
Guarantee: Yes
Our rating: #1

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$59.95 - 1 bottle (one month supply)
$154.95 - 3 bottles (three month supply)
$289.95 - 6 bottles (six month supply)

Semenax ingredients include: L-Arginine HCL, L-Lysine, Epimedium Sagittatum, Zinc Oxide, L-Carnitine, Catuaba Bark, Pumpkin Seed, Maca, Vitamin E, Zinc Aspartate, Pine Bark Extract, Muira Pauma, Hawthorne, Cranberry Extract, Tribulus Terrestris, Avena Sativa Extract, and Swedish Flower pollen.

Semenax uses a blend of modern vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, combined with powerful herbs used in Chinese Medicine for centuries. Together this powerful formula has a profound effect on boosting semen output, stronger orgasms, powerful ejaculations, and firmer erections.

The Semenax guarantee is 67-days, full refund on all bottles - less shipping.

Customer support:
Semenax is distributed by Albion Medical through Leading Edge Health, and their reputation in the industry is unsurpassed.

Discounts on Semenax capsules start with orders of 2 or more bottles.

*For a limited time, Semenax is offering a 12-month "Diamond Package" where you get a year supply of Semenax for only $399.95 - almost 50% off -  plus a free bottle of VigRX, a free bottle of GenF20, free shipping, and 2 other free bonuses. Find out more

Semenax is a quality product which delivers impressive results. Average gains in semen production will be about 500%. With 17 different ingredients for increasing semen, Semenax has the highest number of ingredients of any semen volume pill on the market. Customer feedback is very positive with men saying their semen loads got much bigger in a matter of weeks.

Exceptional service and reputation, as Albion Medical has been selling it's supplements online for almost 10 years. We rank Semenax as the #1 semen supplement as no other product produces as dramatic results in such a short time.

Semenax capsules rating: semenax pills 5-star rating

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