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man with low seman outputAs we get older, most men experience a noticeable decline in the amount of seman (semen) they produce. Many men complain that when they ejaculate the seman actually "dribbles" out, rather than forcefully shooting out in jets like it used to. This is a very common occurrence.

Many men have a hard time enjoying sex because they're embarrassed about the small seman load they ejaculate at climax. Although not an actual medical problem or condition, this situation often results in several negative side effects for the men who experience it. Low seman output can impact many parts of a man's sex life and enjoyment.

Negative effects of low seman volume:

  • Decreased orgasm intensity and duration
  • Weaker ejaculation
  • Reduced sexual confidence
  • Less sexual pleasure and enjoyment
  • Thin, watery seman

Many factors contribute to the decrease in seman production that men experience as they get older. Some of it occurs naturally as the body matures, but much of it is caused by diet, nutrition, smoking, alcohol, and other factors such as pollution, chemicals, and stress.

Probably the worst thing connected to lower seman output is the negative effects it has on orgasm strength. Most men will note that their orgasms are not nearly as powerful and enjoyable as they were in their teenage years. Although part of this is normal aging, much of it is the result of the body having less seman to ejaculate during orgasm. When you have more seman, the body works harder to ejaculate it, resulting in stronger orgasm contractions, and many more of them.

Understandably, most men are not too happy as they get older and notice their seman production going downhill. Many factors contribute to this low semen production, and they vary from person to person. However, no matter what the cause of your reduced seman volume, the solution is the same for every man. 

A huge boost in seman production and sperm count can occur in as little as 4 to 8 weeks. This occurs with the help of improved nutrition, lifestyle changes, and the addition of a medically approved seman supplement to your diet. Throughout this site we give you information and tips on increasing seman production including the latest medical techniques using seman enhancers like Volumaxx, Semenax, and Volume Pills.

"Increased seman production is now a reality"

sexy coupleSex shouldn't be just okay - it should be great.   Lower seman volume can decrease your sexual pleasure due to the fact that it results in weaker, shorter orgasms. However, it can also decrease HER pleasure as well. Most women admit they find a big seman load to be a huge turn on during sex.

Part of this is purely an ego thing - it makes a woman feel good to think that she turned you on enough to make you shoot such a huge seman load. Another part works on a subconscious level, as a big seman load is associated with a man's virility and fertility, and whether they recognize it or not, women are drawn to a man who appears to be "gifted" in the fertility department.

Increasing your seman volume has many positive spin-offs for your sex life. Stronger, longer lasting orgasms, increased confidence, and a huge turn on for your partner. Over 90% of men who've tried Volumaxx report a "significant increase" in their sexual performance and enjoyment. The fact is that increased seman output has a dramatic effect on improving your sex life and overall happiness.

This is why we feel so strongly that men should do everything possible to make sure they're at the top of their game and performing at their sexual peak. Increasing seman production, shooting massive ejaculations, and enjoying super-strength orgasms not only makes sex more enjoyable for men, it also improves confidence and sexual performance. And that makes sex more enjoyable and pleasurable for her.

Top supplements to dramatically increase seman volume:
We recommend any man looking for better and more pleasurable sex take action now. Improving your nutrition, leading a healthier lifestyle, and taking a supplement to increase seman volume will produce dramatic results. In just a matter of weeks you could be experiencing the enjoyment of a rejuvenated and improved sex life. You are not alone - lots of men experience a decrease in their seman volume. The question is - what are you going to do about it?

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