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Low sperm count - Why does it happen?

low sperm count Most men don't realize that our sperm counts have been declining for several years, in almost all modern countries. Much research is being done to identify these causes of low sperm count.

Several causes of low sperm count have already been identified, while some remain a mystery and are still under investigation. Below are some of the common known causes of low sperm count in men.

Common causes of low sperm count:
  • Environment and pollution
  • Recreational drug use
  • Alcohol, tobacco, caffeine
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Low semen production

There are a number of factors helping to lower sperm and semen production in men. Fortunately, there are also a number of things you can do to combat this trend. Tips to increase semen production and sperm count include: reducing alcohol and drug use, losing weight, and adding a proven semen supplement to your diet. There are a number of medically formulated sperm pills which contain vitamins and minerals known to boost sperm count and semen volume.
The majority of men suffering from a lower sperm count have been extremely successful in regaining a normal sperm count when using sperm volume pills. It is normal to not only restore sperm counts to previous levels, but to achieve a sperm count up to 500% higher than they experienced in their youth. Part of this boost in sperm count is due to the corresponding increase in semen volume achieved by these supplements.

Supplements to raise sperm count.

normal sperm countHealthy changes for healthier sperm. Sperm pills can often correct low sperm count all on their own. However, this doesn't mean it's not still a good idea to decrease alcohol intake, lose weight, and make better diet and lifestyle choices. These all help not only in raising sperm count, but in producing healthier, more mobile sperm.

For best results, we recommend men take a multi-pronged approach to restoring their sperm count and increasing semen levels. This means combining the use of a sperm pill with: healthier eating, drinking lots of water, and eliminating things like drug use, smoking, and over eating.

Sperm pill side-by-side comparison
Top 3 Sperm Pills Semenax  Volumaxx   Volume Pills  
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Reputation Excellent Excellent Very Good
Bonuses Yes Yes Yes
Discounts* 50% 50% 45%
Dr. Approved Yes Yes Yes
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*TIP - Save up to 50% when ordering a 6-12 month supply.

One reason that Volume Pills ranks behind Semenax and Volume Pills is that the price is a bit higher, and some men report it takes a bit longer to notice a dramatic jump in semen production. Overall however, all 3 products are excellent and only the smallest of differences exist between them. Most men will experience fantastic results with any of these 3 dynamic sexual enhancers.

All of the above top performing sperm pills will make a huge impact on increasing your semen production and raising sperm count to very high levels. Results will be noticed in just a few weeks, but it's recommended to use these supplements for about 4-8 months for maximum effect. Surveys indicate that most men keep taking these 'sperm vitamins' for their profound effect on orgasm strength, better ejaculations and overall effect on sexual enjoyment and performance.

For a limited time, Volumaxx and Semenax both offer special packages whereby you can order a 12-month supply of their semen volume pills, plus an assortment of free bonuses, and you end up saving about 50% off the normal price. While this was the case at time of publication, this special may end at any time.

This will undoubtedly be a very popular option for ordering your semen enhancers, as it will provide the best discount possible on your sperm pill purchase. We're confident that an improved diet, nutrition, and lifestyle combined with one of the sperm pills listed above will dramatically improve your low sperm count.

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