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Semen & Fertility- Why semen volume matters.

sperm in semen How important is semen production in relation to a man's fertility? Most men are surprised to find that semen production is one of the biggest factors in sperm count and fertility problems.

This is because less than 2% of semen is made up of spermatozoa (mature sperm cells). Sperm travel from the testicles where they are produced, and are then mixed in with the seminal fluid and released during ejaculation. Having a larger volume of semen to ejaculate at orgasm results in more sperm being delivered in the mix. By changing your diet and taking a semen supplement, men usually see about a 400-500% increase in semen production.

Men suffering from low sperm count will generally have less than 40 million sperm in an average ejaculation, whereas normal sperm count would be anywhere from 60 to 400 million sperm per ejaculation. Although 40 million sperm sounds like a lot, most of those sperm are not healthy or viable, and even with a normal sperm count only about 200 sperm eventually make the journey to fertilize the egg. In men with low sperm count, far fewer make the trip - making the chance of conceiving quite remote.

Semen Volume - More semen equals more sperm.

Below is a diagram of the male reproductive system. The sperm begins it's life cycle in the testicles. Sperm is produced in the scrotum by the testes, then travels through the Ductus deferens, and eventually joins the semen in the seminal vesicle, to await ejaculation. Medically formulated semen volume capsules work to dramatically increase the amount of semen the body produces.

Male Reproductive System
semen and the male reproductive system

By increasing the amount of semen you produce, you have much more semen ejected per ejaculation, and a corresponding increase in the amount of sperm, which stays in proportion to the total volume of semen. 

In reality, the reason most men take supplements like Semenax and Volumaxx is because they enjoy the bigger semen loads, super strength orgasms, and the pleasure of longer lasting, more powerful ejaculations. But many men eventually find themselves trying to get their partner pregnant, and this is yet another reason why use of semen supplements has become so mainstream.

The health and volume of semen plays a key role in male fertility, as semen is essentially the host and "life support system" for the sperm to be delivered in. Sperm pills work to effectively increase semen and sperm production by stimulating the bodies own glands and organs responsible for the production of all the fluids, proteins, and amino acids which make up semen.

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