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Ogoplex Capsules - Review

ogoplex pills bottleOgoplex capsules have been around for awhile and the product claims to increase the intensity and quantity of contractions during orgasm. The company refers to these contractions as "the ropes". Ogoplex Pure Extract is formulated as an orgasm intensifier and is not really considered a semen enhancer.

The "secret ingredients" in Ogöplex Pure Extract are intended to boost and strengthen the prostate gland and ejaculatory ducts for a more powerful, concentrated orgasm. Reviews on Ogoplex seem mixed at best. Back when Ogoplex first came out, it seemed to have promise. However, over the years, more powerful orgasm intensifiers and semen volume supplements have proven to be more effective and popular.

We rate Ogoplex as a very average sexual enhancer for men. It is important to note that Ogoplex will not increase semen production or sperm quantity as dramatically as Semenax or Volumaxx, and if you're looking for a noticeably bigger semen load, Ogoplex probably shouldn't be your first choice.

Ogoplex - Does Ogoplex really work?

Review: Ogoplex

Ogoplex orgasm intensifier

Ogoplex Pills have been available for years and are sold through a handful of online health retailers. There is no actual company or product website, so it appears this product is primarily wholesaled out to these distributors, who then sell it at whatever price they choose. We have seen Ogoplex sold anywhere in the $20 to $60 price range. This inconsistency in pricing and availability is a little disconcerting.


ogoplex pills bottle

Cost: $49.95
Guarantee: No
Our rating: #12

Not Recommended

$49.95 - 1 bottle (one month supply) Prices may vary.
$119.95 - 3 bottles (three month supply)
$234.95 - 6 bottles (six month supply)

The ingredients contained in Ogoplex are a little perplexing, as they don't contain many of the known herbal extracts that produce results for sexual enhancement. Ogöplex is a Proprietary Blend of Cernitin Flower Pollen Extract 400mg plus Vitamin A 1250 IU, and Vitamin E 7.5 IU. The other ingredients in Ogoplex are Dicalcium phosphate, Microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, Stearic Acid, Silica, Magnesium stearate, and pharmaceutical glaze.

Our biggest concern is the fact that Ogoplex does not contain ingredients proven to intensify climax or increase semen production. Two of the main ingredients in Ogoplex are simply Vitamin A and Vitamin E, which you could easily buy at your local health food store. While not the most expensive sexual enhancement product available, there are certainly a number of products which provide superior results and contain much more potent ingredients.

The sites we have seen do not include a money back guarantee when buying Ogoplex capsules.

Customer support:
Customer feedback on Ogoplex is quite mixed, but mainly negative. We have seen Ogoplex mentioned on Rip-Off, which is never a good sign.

Pricing on Ogoplex varies greatly depending on which retailer you choose. We've seen Ogoplex advertised anywhere from $19.95 to $60 a bottle. This also brings into question whether you're getting real Ogoplex when you order it.

While certainly not the worst male enhancement product out there, we find it hard to recommend Ogoplex simply because there are so many other products available which will provide far better results - for the same money. With products like Semenax, Volumaxx, and Volume Pills available, we find it hard to recommend lower quality products like Ogoplex.

Ogoplex rating: ogoplex pills 2-star rating

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