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Natural semen enhancers - the wave of the future?

by Mike Reid -staff writer

Most of us are well aware of the presence of the booming male enhancement industry. This is due in part to the constant barrage of SPAM e-mails many of us have received over the years. While penis enlargement has been and continues to be a popular topic among men, many people would be surprised to know the latest product taking the male enhancement industry by storm - Herbal semen enhancement products.

The emergence of semen volume capsules to increase semen production has been widespread throughout the male enhancement industry. Products like Volume Pills, Semenax, and Performer5 capsules are surprising even industry experts with their booming sales and popularity. Recent sales figures indicate that semen volume enhancers are selling at equal levels to penis enhancement products, and may soon overtake PE supplements as the #1 selling herbal product for men.

I know what you're thinking: why in God's name would anyone want to "increase their semen volume" at all, let alone by 500%? Well, apparently the answer is - millions of men - (and often their partners!) Semenax, one of the best known and top-selling volume pills have sold hundreds of thousands of bottles this year alone, and look to double that for 2008. "Semen supplements have become the new rage in the industry", according to SemenPro contributing editor Sam Coll. "Guys see the huge semen loads of popular porn stars, and they want to be like that - and be able to 'shoot like a porn star'. Most probably wouldn't admit to it, but it's every young guys dream!"

So what kind of guy is buying 'Sperm Pills'? "Well, the demographics are all over the board", says Coll. "Older guys trying to recapture the prowess of their youth, and younger guys who just want to impress their girlfriends with a huge cum load. These semen pills seem to be popular with guys as young as 20 - and men who are well into their 50's. Everyone's looking for 'a bigger bang for their buck' in the bedroom."

"It's important to note that these pills do more than just increase semen production and sperm volume", points out Coll. As a result of the increased load size, guys experience much stronger orgasms - most guys say the intensity of their orgasms will 'double or triple'. That alone is obviously a huge selling factor, even without the increased semen volume. The main benefits of these semen enhancers are:

  • increased semen volume - as much as 500%

  • stronger, more intense orgasms

  • delaying ejaculation

  • ejaculate with more force and power

Why are men so concerned with their semen load size? Well, there are many reasons, according to Coll. "Well, for one thing, many women admit to being turned on when a guy has a big semen load. Let's face it, it's always been seen as a sign of virility and male power. What guy doesn't feel like a stud when he shoot a huge cum load all over his girl when he ejaculates. Obviously, some girls don't like it - but it appears the majority do!"

Another reason these sperm pills are so popular is the effect they have on the male orgasm. The increase in semen volume means a huge increase in the number and intensity of contractions during orgasm - because there's so much more semen for the body to ejaculate out. Remember the intensity of orgasms when you were a young teen-ager? Well, it's like that.....only more intense.

And lastly, another huge reason for the success of these semen supplements is the effect they have on male fertility. They have a very positive effect on men's fertility. Not just because of the dramatic increase in semen and sperm production, but because they are rich in nutrients which promote sperm health. And of course, they do result in a much higher sperm count, as there is substantially more semen - and a corresponding increase in the amount of sperm viable within the semen.

It certainly appears that the success of semen volume supplements like Volume Pills and Semenax is no fluke, and a rash of new competing products is sure to emerge, as they have obviously tapped a huge market of men looking to produce bigger semen loads and intensify their climax. I wouldn't expect penis enlargement pills to disappear anytime soon, but it looks like semen volume pills are the wave of the future.

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