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Maximum Pills - Review

maximum pills bottle Updated - Apr. 1 /11

Maximum pills had been around since 2005, but it would appear that Maximum Pills are no longer available. Although the Maximum Pills website is still operational, if you click the 'order' button it takes you to the Volume Pills website to purchase Volume Pills.

I guess it could be considered a compliment to Volume Pills that Maximum Pills is now directing customers to the Volume Pills website, however it's also a pretty good indication that this company is no longer in operation.

Recently, porn legend Peter North admitted to using Maximum Pills for a short time, although he now regularly uses Semenax. Known for his unbelievable cum shots and huge semen loads, Peter North is a good example of the dramatic results achieved with semen boosting supplements.

Maximum Pills - No longer in business.

Review: Maximum Pills

Maximum Pills semen supplement

Maximum Pills was a decent sperm volume supplement, but still needed to improve their formula if they want to compete with the industry leaders such as Semenax and Volumaxx. Overall not a bad product, but the fact is there are better products out there and as such Maximum Pills is no longer in business.

Maximum Pills

maximum pills bottle

Cost: $65.00
Guarantee: Yes
Our rating: OK


$65 - 1 bottle (one month supply)
$150 - 3 bottles (three month supply)
$240 - 5 bottles (five month supply)

Maximum Pills ingredients include: L-Arginine, Epimedium Sagittatum, Ginkgo Biloba, Panax Ginseng, Muira Pauma, Catuaba bark, Semen Cuscutae, Fructus Crataegi, and Zinc Oxyde.

All of these Maximum pills ingredients are used in modern and Chinese medicine to promote semen production and sexual vitality.

The Maximum Pills guarantee is 90 days, full refund on all bottles - less shipping. 

Customer support:
Customer feedback on Maximum Pills indicates customer service and support was good during the time they were in business.

Discounts on Maximum Pills start with orders of 2 or more bottles. Maximum discount is $17 per bottle with 5-month supply - lets you buy your Maximum Pills for only $48 per bottle.

Maximum Pills was a decent product, although not the most effective formula  available. Maximum Pills has been discontinued and is no longer in business. The website now directs customers to purchase Volume Pills, which is our #3 recommended product.

Maximum Pills was never one of our recommended products for a semen supplement, and this just affirms our belief that Semenax and Volumaxx are undoubtedly the top choices for men looking to drastically increase their semen production. Visit Volumaxx site -OR- Visit Semenax site.

Maximum Pills rating: DISCONTINUED

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